How Often To Paint Your Walls

Painting your home is more than a to-do item on your home’s maintenance checklist. The walls of your home will breathe new life into a fresh coat of paint to help keep it looking fresh. When deciding whether it is time to paint the walls, there are several things to remember.

While modern paints are planned to last five to 10 years, the timeframe will not fit for you or every room in your house. Take wear and tear into account, the purpose of each room, the paint finish, and whether it is time for a change of colour.

Let’s walk around each room in your home and study the paint form guidelines of the experts and recommended deadlines for painting.

Kitchens And Bathrooms

Those rooms are also used the most frequently, since most dirt may be used. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually painted in the most robust washable finishes that can withstand the activities of the room. Gloss and semi-gloss finished paints tend to avoid scrubbing up meal splatters, bath time messes, and everything else in these noisy spaces. And because moisture can also take its toll, pay careful attention to the impact it can have on your painted surfaces. All this considered, experts recommend a fresh coat of paint every three or four years in your kitchen and bathrooms.


Your hallways are next on the list of the possibly most worn walls in the house. Leaving trails of gravel, grime, scuff marks, and dents, everybody moves through them. As for kitchens and baths, it is advised that you use a paint finish on your hallways that can tolerate any scrubbing. A satin gloss finish would do the trick. It is recommended by experienced painters.

Living And Dining Rooms

Although some of your most-used rooms might be these, the sort of living that occurs in your living and dining rooms is normally not as productive as a kitchen, say. Yes, furniture dings, as well as food messes here and there can occur. In most situations, due to the general low-traffic design of the space, an eggshell finish should be perfect. Today, before it wears out, the paint colour choice can change, but the life cycle of the paint on your living and dining room walls can last for five to seven years.

Adult Bedrooms

In an adult apartment, the specialists are more likely to choose a flat or matt finish paint and they are usually low-traffic locations. Changing décor is most likely to determine when a fresh coat of paint is to be added, so if you are good at painting shades in your apartment, you might be able to wait five to ten years before you need to repaint.

Children Bedrooms

The children’s bedrooms are a very different story to the adults’ bedrooms. Kids’ room also doubled as playrooms, prone to being dinged up, drawn on, and plenty of other wear and tear. In kids’ quarters, an eggshell or satin paint will give you the sturdy finish you need to keep it tidy. Every two or three years, you would always still want to renew the coat of colour.